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mossley nursery school Breakfast Club page banner

Morning Schedule

We open from 7:15am and provide children with breakfast which can vary from porridge, toast, cereal, sausage sandwiches and fruit, all with juice and milk. Food and drink has to be consumed at the table in the front hall, where once they are finished, they can go and play with a various selection of toys and games or watch television. We never force the children to eat but are encouraged. Plus, we cater for children with any allergies or lacto-free intolerance.

Breakfast is served until 8.20am, should your child arrive later we ask that they have eaten at home as we have to ensure that all equipment is stored away and we are ready to depart the building by 8.35 am. Once we have walked to school, 4 staff members will remain on the Infant Playground until all Key Stage 1 children have entered their classrooms when the doors open at 8.50am.


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The Walk To And From School: We begin walking to school in an organised group with staff at the front, rear, and spread equally throughout the middle, walking in pairs. We leave the After School Club, walking towards the cross roads and turn right, we then take the next first right and walk down Roseville Drive till we arrive on the path outside the school, crossing Boundary Lane. This way is the shortest and safest route but if any issues arise with this route such as road works or ice, we walk down Leek Road the opposite way, taking the first left to Boundary Lane, walking to school via this route. We ensure every child is accounted before leaving and before going into school.

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